Season 3


The Long Road Home
(Sep. 22 1970)
Pete falls for a woman he injured while chasing a robbery suspect. He gets disappointed when he learns that she is the sister of the suspect.

See the Eagles Dying
(Sep. 29 1970)
Pete poses as a rebellious kid to infiltrate a group of thrill-seeking teens who are suspected of murder.

Who are the Keepers, Who are the Inmates?
(Oct. 6 1970)
Linc pretends to be insane to go undercover in a mental institution where his friend died while trying to escape.


“A” is for Annie
(Oct. 13 1970)
School teacher, Annie Crabtree, becomes the target of violence when her lectures on sex education raise controversy.

The Song of Willie
(Oct. 20 1970)
Sammy Davis Jr. guest stars as tormented actor, Willie Rush, whose life is in danger. Linc investigates a long list of suspects.

Search and Destroy
(Oct. 27 1970)
The Squad investigates a narcotics related murder. They are hindered by the victim’s brother who is also an ex-cop.


Just Ring the Bell Once
(Nov. 3 1970)
Linc befriends an 8-year-old boy in an orphanage whose mother is still alive. The mother refuses to surrender him for adoption which prompts the Squad to step in.

Welcome to the Human Race,
Levi Frazee!
(Nov. 10 1970)
Pete tries to help an Apache who is falsely accused of murder in a small desert town.

A Far Away Place so Near
(Nov. 17 1970)
Linc and the Squad investigate the dubious circumstances surrounding the death of his old friend, who was a soldier in Vietnam.


A Time for Hyacinths
(Dec. 1 1970)
Vincent Price guest stars as a mysterious stranger who enchants Julie. She wants the rest of the Squad to meet him, but apparently he had died twenty years ago.

The Judas Trap
(Dec. 8 1970)
A mentally challenged son of a British Army Officer is discovered holding the very same rifle that killed his father. The Squad tries to determine if he could have killed his own father.

(Dec. 15 1970)
Julie is forced to drive a man and his son, who he kidnapped, to Los Angeles. To make things worse, both he and his son have been exposed to a deadly disease.


Is there Anyone Left in Santa Paula?
(Dec. 29 1970)
The Squad finds out that a cop has been assisting Mexicans cross the border illegally for 20 years.

A short Course in War
(Jan. 5 1971)
Bob Balaban guest stars as a mentally disturbed student leading a college campus demonstration. Things turn sour when he takes Julie and an elderly teacher as hostages.

Kicks Incorporated
(Jan. 12 1971)
Executive Producer Danny Thomas makes a cameo appearance in this episode in which gang leader Perry Lerriko is paid to harass people.


A Bummer for R.J.
(Jan. 19 1971)
The Squad investigates the death of a young girl who was involved with a 40-year-old man trying to
re-capture his youth by living the life of a hippie.

The Hot, Hot Car
(Jan. 26 1971)
The Squad begins a search for an innocent family driving a car wired with dynamite set to go off in eight hours.

Suffer, Little Children
(Feb. 9 1971)
A psychologist for troubled children is murdered. His brother poses as a hippie to try to find the men responsible which gets the Squad involved.


Is that Justice? No, it’s the Law
(Feb. 16 1971)
The Squad helps a hot-headed detective nab a known drug dealer who always gets away. However, the dealer swears he’s being framed.

A Double for Danger
(Feb. 23 1971)
Julie assumes the identity of a dead undercover agent who was on the tail of a narcotics czar.

Welcome to Our City
(Mar. 2 1971)
The Squad lock horns with a loan sharking racket as they try to locate the father of a 15-year-old farm boy.


The Comeback
(Mar. 9 1971)
Sugar Ray Robinson guest stars as an aging boxer trying to make a comeback into the ring. The Squad get involved when his son is harassed by gamblers for inside information.

We Spy
(Mar. 16 1971)
Pete goes undercover as a safe-cracker to expose an industrial espionage ring and comes across a murder.

The Price of Love
(Mar. 23 1971)
Linc’s vacation is cut short when he’s stumbles upon the kidnapping of a 10-year-old boy in a ghost town.